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Horror Icons
The Devil's in the details
10th-Oct-2016 12:13 pm - Haunting Ground Icons
Would you like a balloon?
{28} Chuno
{25} Haunting Ground
{11} Stock

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3rd-Jul-2016 10:43 pm(no subject)
(stock) pin → relatively stable
[18] Preacher
[21] The Walking Dead
[2] DC
[16] Random
[5] This Is England
[4] Marvel
[4] Star Wars && Star Trek

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18th-Jun-2016 02:34 am(no subject)
(stock) pin → relatively stable
[28] Kat Von D
[11] Shameless US Cast
[2] X-Men: Apocalypse

[11] Coraline && Paranorman
[11] Fallout && Bioshock
[5] Penny Dreadful

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20th-Feb-2014 08:43 pm - Resident Evil: Retribution
Resident Evil: Afterlife: Rain Ocampo
Resident Evil: Retribution (1-10)



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21st-May-2013 08:22 pm(no subject)
{034} Actresses - keira knightley, amber heard, bella heathcote, astrid berges-frisbey, diane kruger, felicity jones
{055} TV Shows - american horror story, pretty little liars, once upon a time, shameless, true blood, the vampire diaries


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24th-Mar-2013 04:50 pm - Rule of Rose
-Rule of Rose [29]

All here@tsukema_tsukeru
3rd-Mar-2013 05:55 pm - Limbo
games/girl gamer

All here@tsukema_tsukeru
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