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Horror Icons

The Devil's in the details

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Graphics related to horror movies, games, books, comics etc.
Welcome to Horror Icons!
Everyone loves a good scare and everyone loves making icons, so I'm going to put the two together.
Anything Horror is welcome here. Movies, books, games, comics...
You can post any kind of graphics (icons, headers, wallpapers etc.) related to horror.

Some entries are locked, so the only way you can see them is to join up.


1. If there is more than 5 icons, please post them under a cut.
2. When you link to your journal/community, please give a direct link to the icon post. Do not link to locked posts or posts that you are planning on locking later on.
3. Do not disable comments.
4. Credit icon maker if using their graphics.
5. Please do not promote other communities, sites etc without prior approval from one of the mods. Responses sometimes take time, but we will get back to you as soon as we can. We usually approve all sites that are somewhat similar.
6. No images depicting dead, suffering, or mutilated animals or animals being abused in any way. Take them elsewhere please.

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